Professional Water Heater Repair Services

Every home in Brampton, Hamilton, London, and other cities throughout the Greater Toronto Area is equipped with some type of water heater. While the primary function of a water heater is obvious, you may not realize how many different tasks we are able to accomplish because of it. For instance, hot water is required for a dishwasher to do its job or for you to hand wash your dishes. It’s also needed by your washing machine when you’re doing laundry. That will give you an idea of this appliance’s importance.

Consequently, whenever it malfunctions, you could experience some unpleasant results such as a sudden, frigid blast of ice cold water during a shower. Maybe you’ve noticed the tap water is discolored or emits an obnoxious odor. In any event, this may indicate the need for water heater repair service. Addressing problems of this nature is critical as ignoring them could lead to more complex issues. Don’t risk having to replace your water heater when Five Star Air Conditioning & Heating is here to fix it.

When to call the Professionals

We are the premiere HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair service provider in the Greater Toronto Area and southern Ontario. Having a broken down or malfunctioning water heater is inconvenient and unpleasant to say the least. However, there are a few warning signs that oftentimes indicate the need for repair and it is best to notice it. If you notice any of the signs below, it may be time to give us a call:

  • Monthly utility bills have spiked suddenly – when a water heater has to work harder than normal, it uses more energy. In turn, this will cause your utility bills to spike. This could indicate the need for repairs.

  • Poor water quality – foul smelling or rust colored water are symptoms of an aging water tank and one that is in need of repair or even replacement. We can quickly diagnose the problem and determine whether or not it can be repaired.

  • Tank is leaking or rusted – we advise our customers to inspect their water heaters on a regular basis and look for damage. Corrosion on the unit itself or water pooling up on the floor by the water heater are signs of a damaged unit.

  • Water heater is noisy – odd noises and sounds such as cracking or popping indicate the accumulation of scale on the appliance’s heating elements. We can inspect your water heater and quickly determine if this is the case.

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It pays to take care of your water heater with regular preventative maintenance. If you’d like additional information about this or our water heater repair services in Brampton, Hamilton, and London, call in Five Star Air Conditioning & Heating today. One of our business representatives would provide you with all the required information and answer your queries. For scheduling a quick appointment, call us now.

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