Choosing a new air conditioner system is definitely something that you would have to do a bit of research on. It is an important undertaking and your choice is going to shape up a significant portion of your ongoing monthly expenses. With this in mind, you ought to take into account the differences between the most common types of AC systems: ductless and mini split vs. central AC units.

Thus, what’s the difference? Well, a central AC system in London is going to handle the cooling of your entire home at once. You can, of course, portion out your home and use the system in certain pre-determined rooms. With this said, you can cool your living room without cooling up your bedroom, for example.

Ductless and mini split systems, on the other hand, are far more portable and less requiring systems. There is an inside body which handles the airflow and an exterior body which handles the temperature. The two of them are connected with a conduit. With this said, it is important to understand that these units are installed for each space that you want to cool up individually. Therefore, if you want to cool up a few different bedrooms, you need to have the according amount of interior AC units.

Both of these have their pros and cons

For instance, central AC units are great if you have the money to spend. They require the installation of ductwork and are usually best installed ahead of time – while the house is still being constructed. If you have just purchased a home and you want to install a system of the kind, prepare to spend quite a lot of money and to undergo a massive renovation and repair.

On the other hand, they are very effective and they are quite powerful. They require a lot more maintenance and operational costs but would generally perform in a more effective manner. Ductless or mini-split systems, on the other hand, are suited for smaller homes with fewer rooms. If you live in a two- or three-bedroom home, for instance, this is something that could work perfectly. However, it is very essential to get the load calculated before opting for any of the two options. This will help you get an exact idea on the right size of the air conditioner unit that you need.

The best thing that you can do is to call an air conditioner professional. They are going to let you know what the best solution for your home is and whether or not you should go for ductless or go central AC. However, the most important thing which is going to push you towards making up your mind is your budget. Central AC systems require a serious investment so you should have resources to spend. On the other hand, mini split systems are far more affordable and easy on the wallet.

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